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May 4, 1999


Wherefore Art?

Artists suffer. Perhaps American artists suffer the most. This is a country that knows the value of a buck, that tallies success in units of dollars, power and influence. In America we hang pictures by Van Gogh and Gauguin in our living rooms, while we warn our children not to become artists. After all, how would they make a living?

In this issue we sample the views of seven Mobile artists. Their work has already been featured on past Harbinger covers. Now we hear what they have to say about life and work in this Southern city.

Artists seem quaint in the age of digital data. The internet has buried us in a landfill of images and information. However, the computer has also made us appreciate editors, those silent workers who search for meaningful signals amidst deafening noise.

What we have yet to appreciate is that artists are editors too. Painters, sculptors and photographers seek meaningful visual images on this cluttered globe. Artists encourage us to slow down occasionally and look closely at our surroundings. Good advice for an electronic world that sees so much.

-- Dan Silver

Life Forms by Dan Silver

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