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January 19, 1999


Covering the Arts

The Harbinger has a different look. Beginning with this issue each cover will display work by a Mobile visual artist. Inside you will find an advertisement for that artist, which we provide without charge. We hope that our new format brings a little more attention to Mobile's visual artists.

Last year's “Progress Indicator for Coastal Alabama,” published by Mobile United and Baldwin County United, noted that attendance at concerts and plays in Mobile jumped by 74 percent during the past four years. Sadly, attendance at area museums did not increase at all during that time. While the news is good for music and theater, the report raises real concern about the state of visual arts in Mobile.

In the coming months we will hear from a few area artists about what it is like to make a living in Mobile as a painter, photographer or sculptor. The picture they paint might not be so pretty. The American poet Ezra Pound once wrote, “The artist is the antenna of the race.” We must raise that antenna higher.

Covering our Bills

Help us help. The Harbinger relies on your financial support. Our staff consists entirely of volunteers, and every dollar that you donate goes directly to publishing the paper that you hold. Help keep Mobile's alternative alive and well.

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-- Daniel Silver

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