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11/3/98 - 11/16/98

Volunteers are preparing the ground for the dedication of Lower Alabama Vietnam Veteran Memorial under construction in Mobile's Battleship Park. A small dedicated group of local veterans, family and supporters have provided almost all of the materials and labor involved in the project, which will dedicated in a public ceremony on Saturday, November 7 at 10 a.m. Inquires and/or contributions should be addressed to: Vietnam Veterans of American, Inc., Chapter 701, P.O. Box 850775, Mobile, AL 36695. Ph: 334-649-5800.
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Testers Needed to Determine if Mobile Is All-American City

by Edmund Tsang

Nancy Bunin, executive director of Mobile Fair Housing Center (MFHC), said testers are "absolutely vital" to the organization's functions of educating and enforcing fair housing laws. "Anyone over [age] nineteen, regardless of race or sex or national origin, can be a tester if he or she can evaluate objectively whether fair housing laws have been violated in the test case assigned to him or her," Bunin explained. The volunteers receive training in a four-hour workshop, then they are sent out to test whether the impression presented to the public by a rental company or a landlord of being non-discriminatory matches the reality. "You have to remember that housing discrimination is no longer carried out overtly as in the past," Bunin added. "Housing discrimination is now done with a smile." [_Full_Story_]

How do "Constitutional Rights" apply to the Internet?

by T.E. Blair

The enforcement of laws regarding child pornography on the Internet has been hotly debated. While there is full agreement that the activity is illegal, there are questions as to whether or not restriction on the Internet is an infringement of Constitutional Rights. At least one New York State Federal Court has determined that any effort by state officials to restrict the operation of the Internet is an unconstitutional violation of federal rights. However, child pornography remains a State and Federal offense in any medium. This raises a serious question of where rights begin and end on the Internet. [_Full_Story_]

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