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front.jpg - 7834 Bytes Shalom Y'all, an exhibition of photographs by Bill Aron, explores the presence and contributions of Alabama's Jewish communities through images that underline the charming and perhaps unexpected combination of Southernness and Jewishness.
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Who Goes to Private School?
Who Goes to Public School?
"Flight" and "Market" Metaphors in the Debate Over Educational Choice

Part Two

by Joseph W. Newman

As I suggested in the last issue of The Harbinger, the debate over educational choice is moving along and picking up speed. Advocates of private school choice are using "flight" and "market" metaphors so effectively the images are dictating the terms of the public policy debate and placing opponents of choice at a distinct disadvantage.

Flight metaphors portray students and parents escaping from public schools they have rejected as unacceptable. Private school choice inspires "visions of a new exodus" and promises "emancipation" from the "education plantation," says Daniel McGroarty in Break these Chains (1996), a study of the Milwaukee voucher experiment... [_Full_Story_]

Mobile Man Sues USA and City Police:
An Update

by Edmund Tsang

U.S. District Judge Richard W. Vollmer, Jr. ruled last month against the defendants' motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed against them by John Anthony Boone, who alleged that his civil rights were violated by police officers from the University of South Alabama (USA) and the City of Mobile stemming from a bizarre incident two-and-one-half years ago. In his ruling, Judge Vollmer also ordered the discovery process to proceed. According to Boone, a report that he obtained through the discovery process shows the police officers from USA tried to fool the police from City of Mobile on the night of April 26, 1996. [_Full_Story_]

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