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September 22, 1998


Extra! Extra!! New Revelations About Monica and Bill!!
Hot Steamy Stuff Supplement!!
Video Review!!!

Also: Russian Economy Collapse -- page 52

Read any important news lately? Unlikely. Despite polls that show most Americans want the Bill and Monica Show off the air, the news media seems determined to bring it on. Instead of reporting about the Russian economy, deep recession in Asia or the threat of war between Iran and Afghanistan, most networks and newspapers are probing Clinton's sex life. At a news conference with Clinton and Czech President Vaclav Havel on September 16 not a single serious question was asked.

Republicans in the United States Congress face a dilemma. While it is probable that Clinton perjured himself during videotaped testimony, recent polls show that a majority of the American public do not want to see Clinton removed from office. Many believe that Kenneth Starr's investigation is unfair. In a recent letter to the New York Times one writer asked whether the President would be impeached for lying about his diet. Neither obesity nor adultery is illegal in this country.

Next week Congress will release the video of Clinton's testimony in the hope that Americans will get angry and support impeachment. The public will get angry, but their anger might instead be directed at the Republican members of Congress for neglecting the world outside of Washington.

-- Daniel Silver

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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

The newspapers and the political operatives talk about Alabama now having a "two party system." We well may have a two party system at the top of the ticket, but in many local races the incumbent goes unchallenged. Of the nine House seats which serve the Mobile area, only three seats are being challenged, and in the three Senate seats only the open seat of former Senator Steve Windom do we have two candidates.

I guess one has to admit to the power of the incumbency. In our judicial system, 5 judges (three circuit and two district) have no opposition this year. A vacated seat and a newly created position are the only contested judicial races.

But the race in which I am seeking office fits none of these categories. I found myself running for elected office because no one seems to be challenging the party switchers. I think if you are to hold the public trust, you should at least hold it with the party label under which you were elected. In 1994 Bradley Byrne ran for the open Alabama State Board of Education - District 1 seat. A seat held previously by John Tyson, Jr., Mr. Byrne ran as a Democrat, winning his primary and then the general elections.

Two years into his term, he switched parties. Mr. Byrne now seeks re-election as a Republican, and hoping to be considered an incumbent, there appeared to be no challengers. Thus, I found myself as a Democrat asking, "Where are the candidates?" "Where is our two party system?" Next, I found myself filing for the Alabama State Board of Education - District 1 seat.

I hope the readers of The Harbinger will participate in our two party system by going to the polls on November 3rd. I hope that they will get to know the candidates and the differences between them. Only then will we have a true two party system. If your readers want to know more about me, they can look to the web page created by the Mobile Bay Area Democrats at

In closing, let me remind your readers that the State Board of Education oversees the local school boards and Junior College system (post secondary). The voters of District 1 include all of the voters in Mobile, Baldwin and Escambia Counties. Make the system work -- VOTE!

Betty Gartman
Mobile, AL

Dear Editor,

I am quite amused with the Steve "family values - and love your dog" Windom television ads. These are most certainly the total honesty skills a Lt. Gov. needs. I wonder what the mother of his two boys thinks about these ads.

A. H. Sparks
Montgomery, AL

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