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Islam, Muslims, and American Pluralism

by Nader Entessar, Ph.D.


What is Islam? Who are the Muslim today? What are the major tenets of Islam and how do they differ from the other two Abrahamic religions, namely Christianity and Judaism? What is Islam's place in the kaleidoscope of American religious pluralism? These are some of the questions we need to answer in order to get a greater understanding of one of the world's major religions of today. [_Full_Story_]

Hinduism and Buddhism:

An Appeal to the Modern Heart and Mind.

by George Gilmore, Ph.D.

The present series of remarks are intended to dramatize the inner coherence of Hinduism and Buddhism as major belief systems which in the modem world are facing, as all the world's religions must, the challenges of science and the modem world. Both Hinduism and Buddhism in their American embodiments, have religious communities, religious festivals, American converts, in short, very similar congregational structures, celebrations and savior images similar to the more familiar Western religions. [_Full_Story_]

What is Christianity?

by Ted Mashburn, Ph.D.

I. History of the Christian Church in 10 Minutes:

According to the book of Mark, it all started with a message, the gospel, i.e. good news. This message was proclaimed by a carpenter, who, according to the religious establishment, was from the wrong side of the tracks, was not theologically trained, had a funny accent, and in fact, did not believe the scriptures, did not worship properly, ran with the wrong crowd, drank too much, blasphemed God and ultimately was executed as a criminal. (Not a very hopeful beginning for a world religion, is it?) [_Full_Story_]

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