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September 23, 1997


Support The Harbinger - Save $44,984,093.47 !!

The Stealth fighter that broke apart at a recent airshow in Maryland cost $45 million. By comparison, last year's publication of the Harbinger, which remains intact, cost only $15,906.53. Only one carried Doonesbury. Admit it, the Harbinger is a deal.

Your contribution of $15 or more makes the deal even better. First, we'll see that each issue of the Harbinger is hand-delivered to your mailbox by a blue uniformed agent of the United States government. Second, you will sleep well knowing that you have strengthened Mobile's only alternative press. You'll be a hero!

We have a lot planned for this year. Watch for "Great Religions in a Pluralistic Society," a Harbinger symposium coming in early October through November. Paul Kurtz, the founder of secular humanism, will be one of the speakers. Also on its way is a variety of special issues including this one on art in education. Of course, we will continue our usual features such as Community Calendar, Mobile Then and Now, Modern Composer and Life Forms.

For fifteen years the Harbinger has been a consistent voice for Alabama's disadvantaged. We have spoken out for workers, the environment and education. We will continue to talk directly about significant issues, but to do this we need your help. Fly with us -- it's safer.

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-- Dan Silver

Life Forms by Dan Silver

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