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February 4, 1997

Mobile: Then and Now

Then Now

by Tom McGehee

The southwest corner of Government and Marine streets once held this scene. The house dated to 1899 when it had been built by lumberman Thomas McMillan and his wife Margaret. The McMillans had moved to Selma Street by 1915 and their former home was purchased by Augustine Meaher.

The eastern side of the lot was wide and for many years held a beautiful garden. Literature for the Azalea Trail recommended it for tourists describing it as "One of the loveliest on the Azalea Trail, featuring azaleas, hydrangeas, roses, crepe myrtle and evergreens making this a year round place of recreation and repose."

The only thing reposing in this view from the 1950's is a pair of automobiles. The space had been converted to a parking lot for the real estate clients of Mrs. Helen Meaher.

The former Meaher home was demolished along with its two western neighbors to provide a site for an office tower known as the 95l Government Street Building.


It was incorrectly stated that the photo of the southwest corner of Government and Marine Streets dated to when Mrs. Helen Meaher was using the location as a real estate office. We should have stated that the photograph was one of the real estate office of E. Allen Sullivan.

Thank you to local realtor Paul Thompson for bringing this mistake to our attention.

Above Left: Photo courtesy of University of South Alabama Archives, Marx Collection. Above Right: Photo by Kevin Marston

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