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January 9, 2001

Mobile: Then and Now

Then Now
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by Tom McGehee

The era of Government Street mansions was obviously over by the late 1930ís when this cottage arrived at number 1910. It resembles countless others dotting the mid-town section of the city but did have the distinction of containing four bedrooms and the luxury of two baths. This is the north side of the street in its long block extending to the Loop.

The address in the forties was occupied by a contractor named David Montgomery who was followed by Delchamps Grocery's chief merchandiser, Willie Ladner, until the mid sixties.

By the 1960ís, Government Streetís residential appeal had hit rock bottom. The Hanaw home visible to the east in this scene, was now the retail shop of Charles Crane. All of the homes to the west, stretching to the loop had vanished or gone commercial.

The Ladners opted for a quieter mid-town address and their home was replaced with a brick commercial structure which currently houses Zimlich Brothers Florist. The old Hanaw house survives next door for the present.

Photo Credit: J. T. Marx Collection, University of South Alabama Archives


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