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March 26, 1996

Farewell, Dr. Stonewall B. Stickney

Most Harbinger readers probably know the creator of Dr. Salvo, Dr. Stonewall B. Stickney, passed away two weeks ago.

In his almost ten years of anchoring the back pages of The Harbinger, Dr. Stickney, in the persona of Dr. Jose e Pensacola Salvo, entertained us with his wonderful story-telling and amusing nature notes (often co-authored with Tim, his loyal research assistant). Salvo's sage analyses on the human conditions were proffered with humor and humility, and if you were a regular Salvo reader, he would often share with you his love of literature, art and life.

As one who had the fortune of being the first person to read every new Salvo column in the last ten years, I really appreciate Stonewall's sense of humor. I often found myself laughing out loud while entering his column -- written in long, flowing handwriting -- into the computer. If laughter is the best medicine, I certain owed my good health to Dr. Salvo. But what I appreciate most is Stonewall's compassion about the human condition: Dr. Salvo reminded us that individual "madness" pales in comparison to the greater "madness" committed by society and its leaders, and that a society fixates on individual madness so as to distract attention from the greater madness committed in the name of the people by their leaders.

So while Stonewall Stickney is no longer anchoring the back pages, I think his spirit and his compassion for the common folk will always be here to inspire the staff of The Harbinger. -- Edmund Tsang

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