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January 9, 1996

Ask Dr. Salvo

Dear fans, critics, and letter writers:

With a deep sigh of relief ole Salvo just finished reading the final proofs on a book that was written over 8 (9? 10?) years by all of you, by the Harbinger editorial staff, by "E.T.," our celestial Editor, and my insufficiently humble self. This magnum opus will be published sometime this spring and will be titled:

Ask Dr. Salvo

It will be blue and green, for economical reasons (the cover) and probably 250 pages or so. We are in the market for a cover design and might even be persuaded to pay for one! Mail in ideas and sketches soon!

Without being cluttered the cover should include green/blue jungle-gloom surrounding the Green House, old Dr. Bacamarte, Young Dr. Salvo, and armadillos in pairs and singles scattered here and there. Dr. Bacamarte is a white haired, wispy old fellow reading by candle or lamplight on the 4th floor. Down in the basement is young Dr. Salvo surrounded like Dr. Dolittle by adoring armadillos. (As one of my patients said, "In my mind I call you Dr. Dolittle -- because you little.") Are there any patients in the picture on the cover slip? No. For reasons of confidentiality. Also because Dr. B. has just discharged all his patients, "immured" himself, and is now waiting for the Answer or the End, like a Walker Percy hero in Lost Cove, KY.

Friends, as you can see the design is loose enough to include blue, green, and of course the white page = 3 colors I am glad to discover!

I thank you for your interest and support all these years. Stay with me but a little longer and we will cause the bricks of the publishing foundation to tremble.


P.S. Send in sketches soon! 12" x 8"

P.P.S. No column this week.

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