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April 10, 2001

The Harbinger

The Harbinger consists of area faculty, staff and students, and members of the Mobile community. The Harbinger is a non-profit education foundation. Income derived from this newspaper goes toward its public education mission.

The views expressed here are the responsibility of The Harbinger. Contributions to The Harbinger are tax exempt to the full extent of the law and create no liability for the contributor.

Editorial Board:Edmund Tsang, Dan Silver, Tom Brennan, Konrad Kressley, Phil Tapia
Copy Editor:Dana Escobio, Tom Brennan, Michael Smith
Illustrator:D. A. Powell, Dawn Loper-Claire, Stacy Taylor, Mackie Fiala, L. D. Fletcher
Coordinator:Edmund Tsang
Typography:L. D. Fletcher
Photography:L. D. Fletcher, Kevin Marston
Production:Andrew Wilhelm, Regina Tsang, Pat & Ernie Pinson
Legal Counsel:Dom Soto