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Sustainable Development

There is a tendency among decision-makers to look solely to technology in setting policies to balance economic development with the preservation of the environment. The hope is that with improved efficiency and/or discovery of new technological processes/materials/fuels, economic development can be sustained without destroying the environment. An approach that relies on technology, however, will invariably come up short unless its formulation is also guided by the humanities. For it is the humanities that help a people to shape a vision of themselves and define the kind of society they want to live in; technology is only a tool to build for the future.

What can the humanities offer us in discussions and debates about sustainable development? Speakers at the Harbinger's sumposium, "Humanities' Role in Sustainable Development," discuss a new language needed for dialogues on sustainable development, and explore a philosophical perspective to find the balance between economic development and conservation of the environment in an age when ecological consequences of anthropogenic activities are global.

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