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The Termination of School Superintendent Dr. Douglas Magann

In October, 1992 the Mobile County School Board suspended superintendent Dr. Douglas Magann. This was followed in December by a hearing for the termination and cancellation of his contract. As part of the settlement to end termination proceedings, he acccepted the terms of resignation on February 1, 1993.

The following series of articles appeared in the The Harbinger covering these events.

Series on the Mobile County Public School System

by Doug Magann

The Harbinger became aware that the former Superintendent of the Mobile County Public Schools, Doug Magann, had drafted several essays about his experience in Mobile. The Harbinger contacted Magann and asked if his work could be seen with the understanding that nothing would be printed without his approval. He agreed.

A Case Illustration of Community Decision Making:

The Hiring and Firing of a Public School Superintendent, Mobile Alabama, 1991-1993

Last year, while The Harbinger was publishing former school superintendent Dr. Doug Magann's essays on the Mobile County Public School System, we became aware that Paul R. Cherney, coordinator of Mobile United Civic Index Project, was writing an analysis on decision-making in Mobile using the hiring and subsequent firing of Magann as a case study.

The Civic Index Project was initiated by Mobile United in 1989 with the objective to: "Determine how decisions are made, how citizens interact with one another and with government; and how problems in the community are confronted...The fundamental issue is the recognition that needs in the community are acknowledged, confronted and resolved in ways that involve citizens and build consensus."

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