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February 24, 1993

End of Story

by Edmund Tsang

Jeanne Andrews, president of the Mobile County Board of School Commissioners, said she did not know whether N.Q. Adams, a fellow school commissioner with whom she has served on the board's finance committee for the last two years, did or did not resign from the City of Mobile Industrial Development Board (IDB) when he joined the School Board in 1988. "You will have to ask him," Andrews said. When reminded that she told William Patterson of The Harbinger that Adams "left the IDB years ago...when he came on the School Board," Andrews denied that she made these statements to Patterson. (Since the 1988-89 academic year, Adams has been the chairman of the finance committee of the School Board; information provided by the Mobile Area Chamber of Commerce showed that Adams's term on the City of Mobile IDB expired in November, 1992. [See "Industry and Land, But No Money," The Harbinger, Vol. XI, No. 7])

"I'm tired of your yellow journalism. I don't have time," said Andrews. Then she abruptly hung up, before a reporter had an opportunity to ask her about the phone call that Richard Dorman placed to Hazel Fournier, vice president of the School Board, in late September, eleven days before School Superintendent Douglas Magann was fired by a controversial 3-1-1 vote. According to Fournier, Dorman told her that Andrews had three votes to fire Magann; he also lobbied her to vote with the majority. Fournier claims Andrews and two other school board commissioners, Adams and "Sugar" Warren, met secretly without informing her to engineer Magann's termination. [See "And Now, For The Rest Of The Story...", The Harbinger, Vol. XI, No. 9]

-- February 24, 1993

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